Quiver Necklace
Quiver Necklace
Quiver Necklace
Quiver Necklace

Quiver Necklace

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This statement necklace features a gently graduated curved pattern that flows around the neck creating a statement piece for special occasions.

Strictly limited, only three will be made, the piece pictured and two more editions to be commissioned in wearer's choice of colours. You may have the only piece in your chosen colour ever made!

Makes use of the flexible nature of 3D printed nylon to create a tactile and flexible statement necklace that forms around the neck and chest.  The piece has visual impact thanks to its volume yet is very light and easy to wear, due to the material and design, almost like a textile. The piece is large enough to slip comfortably over the head, the ends are neatly joined by a specially made, high polished, gold-plated brass fixture.



     1- Pink/purple/blue - available

     2 - Blue - In a private collection

     3 -  To be commissioned (please get in touch!) 


Size - Length when worn - 76cm/30in, thinnest part 1.5cm, thickest part 7cm

Materials - 3D printed nylon, polished gold plated brass

Year designed- 2020

All limited pieces come with a card detailing the edition number, description and signature.

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