Phase Jewellery

Phase is a high impact, high tech jewellery collection. The delicate sculptural structures create shimmering Moiré interference patterns as the wearer moves around. The pieces are 3D printed into nylon, hand dyed and assembled in the UK, with accents of Swarovski crystals. The result is a collection of beautifully crafted luxury pieces, thoroughly contemporary and wearable.

Photos: Rosie Welsh / Styling: Lynsey Coke / Make Up: Charlotte Dickens


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Street Lights for Tiffany&Co


I recently installed window dispays in Tiffany&Co’s windows as part of the ‘Street Lights’ project in conjunction with Vogue magazine and Royal College of Art alumni.

The theme for my installations was optical effects, placing the jewellery in chambers which reflected and enhanced their beauty, which rotated slowly casting out colored light and patterned shadows.








'Imago' Collaboration with Hanne Enemark


We are excited to announce a new collaboration with award winning glass designer and maker, Hanne Enemark.

'Imago' features beautiful glass vessels designed and made by Hanne, adorned with delicate golden butterflies which can be arranged as desired using magnets..

Each butterfly is designed with a generative digital software tool developed by Lynne MacLachlan, so each one is completely individual, mimicking the multiplicity of nature. These are then made in brass, hand finished and polished. See a video of the digital tool being used to create a butterfly below.



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Sir John Soane's Museum

A sneak peek of one of the items in a jewellery range I’ve been working on to be sold in the recently revamped Sir John Soane’s Museum, London.

Inspired by Soane’s ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe, I photographed a column head in the Colisuem, Rome earlier this year, using Autodesk’s brilliant new software 123D Catch these images were converted to a 3D digital model. This pendant is printed on a 3D printer in nylon and strung on a silk cord.

The range will be on sale at the museum and online from mid October - more information to follow...

Shimmer Fine Collection

The Shimmer Fine collection is an exclusive jewellery collection produced in 18ct yellow gold in very limited editions of 1-2 for each piece. The beautiful pieces play with light, giving optical effects as they more around, the hexagonal and trianglular patterns shift as the pieces are viewed from different angle, creating a subtle magic to be kept to oneself of shared as a talking point. Some editions of the pieces from the collection are still available, please contact us at for more information.

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