Helix Collection

Lynne MacLachlan - Colourful, 3D printed, geometric bangles


The Helix Collection was designed in 2018-2019, following on from Phase and Mesh. It also took inspiration from the large Helix Performance Pieces.

The Helix shape brought shapes from previous collections into a new exuberant dimension, triangles shapes moving out of the plane in 

Developing the collection was a gradual process with much prototyping and refining to achieve perfect balance and proportion of each piece, from everyday hoops to statement earrings 

Lynne wanted to bring a more vibrant and kinetic feel in the new forms, creating joyous colourfula nd sculptural pieces.

This was the first collection that incorporated beautiful colour gradients that, previously only done on art pieces, bring . Each one is carefully and individually hand dip-dyed to create this effect.



The Helix Collection haz proved our most popular collection to date, it has retailed at the La Boutique Pompedou and many other stockists and met with 







Pink Statement Hoop Earrings - Lynne MaclachlanLynne MacLachlan - Green geometric ring and earringsLynne MacLachlan - geometric blue earrings and ring