'Entangle' Wall Tiles

'Entangle' is a 3D printed wall tilling system, taking inspiration from mathematical tiling principles and quantum mechanics.

Intended to bring visual delight to interior spaces as wall installations or screening, the tiles exhibit designer Lynne MacLachlan’s signature optical effects from previous jewellery collections, producing vibrant, colourful moiré patterns as the viewer moves in relation to them, a sense of motion is given as the forms seemingly flow and intertwine with one another.

Based on the mathematical principles of Truchet tiles, two modular segments can be combined in a myriad of different ways. It is possible to create various wave patterns, knot designs, complex repeating patterns or fill space in an apparently random fashion.

Intended for high-end domestic and commercial use, the tiles are 3D printed in nylon and hand-dyed in desired colourways as a bespoke set. Installation is straight forward, a simple screw and clip system secures the bottom part of the tiles and the top parts slide into place, allowing reconfiguration when desired.