Art Jewellery Pieces /// 2020

Every year Lynne makes a small number of jewellery art pieces, pieces that explore Lynne's interest in geometry, colour and optical effects in a more in-depth way and often on a larger scale. 

Some of these can be found to purchase in the Limited Editions section of the website and most can be commissioned in your personal choice of colour and size, please do get in touch.


Quiver Necklace /// A pink, purple and blue gradient necklace, finished with a gold plated metal joiner. Features a gently graduated curved pattern that flows around the neck inspired by natural forms, the first of Lynne's pieces to make use of the flexible nature of 3D printed nylon to create a tactile almost textile-like piece. 

 Helix Statement Bagle /// Red and pink with a blue flash version of the oversized helix bangle with silver ends.


Helix Statement Necklace /// Extra-large version of the Helix necklace in a green-blue gradient on matching twisted cord and silver clasp.