Art Jewellery Pieces /// 2019

Every year Lynne makes a small number of jewellery art pieces, pieces that explore Lynne's interest in geometry, colour and optical effects in a more in-depth way and often on a larger scale. 

Some of these can be found to purchase in the Limited Editions section of the website and most can be commissioned in your personal choice of colour and size, please do get in touch.



Spiral Statement Necklace /// Pink, purple & blue gradient spiral necklace with yellow and orange flash. On dip-dyed twisted satin cord and handmade silver catch.

Statement Helix Necklace /// Blue gradient helix necklace with dip-dyed cord and handmade silver catch. In a private collection. 
Statement Helix Bangle /// Oversized pink to purple helix bangle with yellow flash and brass ends.


Split Bangle /// Yellow & orange gradient bangle with cobalt blue flash and silver ends.

Helix Statement Earrings /// Double layer version of Helix statement earrings with silver ends.


Spiral Earrings /// Yellow and orange gradient spiral earrings with blue flash and silver. Now in the contemporary craft collection of The Fitzwilliam Museum.


Polygon Ring /// Silver cocktail ring set with prism cut topaz. Made for Tomfoolery's Art Ring exhibition.